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1. What is your goal? What metrics (finance KPI) do you want to achieve?
2. What countries do you want to sell in? If you are a local store, write, please the city.
3. Describe your product?
4. Write, please the best selling products, what is it (categories, brands and etc.)?
5. Who is your target audience? Describe how you see it, please.
6. What is the average price of your product? (average order value)
7. How much can you pay per one order (CPO)? F.e. If you have a net profit of $30 from one sale, how much money from $30 can you reinvest in advertising?
8. Send, please 3 websites of your direct competitors.
9. What kind of digital advertising do you have right now?
10. If you have Facebook Ads or Google Ads, can you share it with us for analysis?
11. How much do you ready to invest in digital advertising monthly? What is your budget?
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